Something's gone wrong at Molly Finkle's nest. What could it be? A lovebirds struggle? Eggs cracked (that won't go over easy)? Another egg pun? Or is it a hard boiled blood fest?! This and much more shall be revealed in the Molly Finkle series.

There are a ton of little birds around my house. Sparrows I think. Well a while back this one sparrow built a nest near my back door in the wisteria vine that's wrapped around the porch. It never came close to me, obviously. When I'd go outside that back door the first thing I'd here is that chirping. Chirping from a distance. It would sit there, perched on something, chirping its little beak off. I'd like to imagine it just being really pissed and screaming at me to get the hell away from its nest. Well, you stupid little bird, my house was here first and technically you built your decrepit excuse for a domicile on my house. So suck it! It only lasted a few days and then I suppose it must've found a more secure location to hatch some eggs.

And then there's the case of the single lowly crow getting chased by a pack of these damn sparrows. I feel like I've seen this exact scenario play out like 1000 times over my life. After a while I just start making up stories about this. I mean the reason they're chasing the sparrow can't simply be that the crow was too close to their area, can it? Stupid little birds.

One additional note about color palettes. I personally would just do everything in grayscale because I'm a bit challenged in the whole color matching department (and the lettering and line weight departments as well... okay I'm simply challenged in general). Since this is the case I'm constantly referencing Colour Lovers and Color Scheme Designer. I've found these two sites to be invaluable. For this particular comic I used the sunset at sea palette. It's purty.