The Narwhal Chronicles tells the story of Jerry, a paranoid and grumpy narwhal residing in the arctic. His friend, Muktuk, is a happy go lucky dimwit. Jerry has many fears.

This is the first comic in one of the series of comics I'd like to do. I've been floating this idea around for years and I believe I actually drew this comic a couple of years ago. It seems like an appropriate topic for the introduction of this comic since the flu is is smacking everyone right in the face right now. The office is completely filled with sick people.

Every meeting has become a hackfest. To take my mind off of it I've made a game out of writing the sicko's names down along with some main stat categories: a cough, sneeze, sniffle, a single instance of a look of despair, a woe-is-me moan. I award the woe-is-me moan a higher point value if it results in someone else in the room providing a consoling comment to the moaner (e.g. "Wow Pam that cold is really bad. You should go home and get some rest."). No extra points if the comment is a neutral description of the commenter's own fears of getting sick (e.g. "That's a bad cough Pam."). Pam won that day. I find the whole thing to be a bit cathartic.

I didn't have a name for Jerry's friend until I saw this old episode of Bizarre Foods on TV the other day. Muktuk seems appropriate.