I've been bugged for quite some time now about how time travel is handled in Back to the Future. There's even a great analytical read available to help try and dissect the various theories, but I take no comfort in it.

Maybe the Back to the Future sequels in general just irk me and I'm having trouble thinking about the first one as a stand alone work. I think that's more likely. I mean the more you go into the well of time travel the more you realize anything's possible and then you've got this big ass rat's nest of a story and the whole thing is a giant cluster of a parody of itself. CURSE YOU BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Also I've been reading a lot of those If you lead a monkey to a river books to my kids. We all love the cadence of the stories and I was slightly influenced by that. Maybe I'll do a more direct interpretation of one of those at some point.

Some production notes

I drew the first two comics and some of the first panels of this one many moons ago. The last panels look a bit different. I decided, screw it. It's a hodge podge thing and bam, it exists.

I also have a ton of items on my todo list for this site and I'm doing bits and bits when I can. To save time I decided to look for a nice font (on the list: create font from my handwriting, priority: low) to use in the comics as opposed to handwriting them. I'm also doing this because my handwriting isn't the best and I fall asleep in the middle of inking (yawn...). I thought high school drafting classes using those god damn short, stubby Rapidograph Technical Pens with the fricking eraser shield would've turned me into a master class lettering robot... maybe it's some sort of dormant daemon that has yet to be triggered. WE SHALL SEE. I may end up always using a font since I see that the technique for lettering seems to be eerily similar to my past experience in drafting class.

In the meantime I'm using a nice little font called "Shaky Hand Some Comic" by Manuel Viergutz.